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Body Safety Part 3

We realize we have used this platform to focus on body safety a LOT lately, but we cannot ever OVER emphasize the importance of keeping our children safe.

68 Studies by the University of Manchester and University of South Whales indicated that children who were sexually abused were THREE times as likely to attempt suicide.

We have to make prevention our number ONE priority.

But as we focus on prevention, we cannot forget about the young girls AND boys who are already dealing with the terrible, incomprehensible trauma from enduring sexual abuse. For these children, it is IMPERATIVE that they are treated PROACTIVELY – it is absolutely crucial that therapy and support are offered throughout childhood and beyond, because WITHOUT treatment and support, studies indicate that suicide risk INCREASES with age.

Please don’t hesitate to speak with our doctors if you are worried about your children, or suspect they have been affected in some way. Additionally, please ALWAYS remember – our providers work as a team – if your daughters have a male doctor but would feel more comfortable speaking with one of our wonderful female pediatricians, they should always feel comfortable doing so! We have the best interest of our children at heart, and would never take offense if another doctor could help your child!

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