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Meadows Guide to Winter Skin

The cold, dry winter air can be harsh on our children’s skin. Dry, cracked and itchy skin is not only uncomfortable and bothersome, it can affect children’s mood, concentration, sleep and play. Here are a few tips to help keep your loved ones’ skin healthy this winter:

Wash & Seal

After bathing your children, pat them dry and seal in the moisture from their bath immediately with a gentle moisturizer. Fragrances and colors can irritate the skin. We recommend a mild product, free of harsh additives. The trick in this method is how quickly you apply the moisturizer after their bath – don’t wait for the skin to completely dry out before moisturizing. For dry hands, keep a gentle moisturizer at each sink, and be sure to apply to your child’s hands immediately after washing. The alcohol in hand sanitizers can dry out skin. These products should only be used when soap and water aren’t available. For school-age children, be sure to send travel size moisturizers in their backpacks so they can re-apply during the day, as they wash or sanitize their hands.

Barrier Creams

For areas that are often exposed to outside moisture, it’s important to use barrier creams. Examples include drooly chins, runny noses and wet bums. Diaper creams should be used in the diaper area only. For the face, we recommend moisturizing with a gentle moisturizer, followed by a barrier cream like Vaseline or Aquaphor to seal in the moisture and protect the skin from the irritant.

Stay Hydrated

We often forget that staying hydrated impacts the health of our skin. Sometimes it’s hard to get children to drink water in the colder months, when they aren’t as hot or as thirsty. But the dry, winter air actually makes it just as important for us to drink! Try make drinking more interesting by getting fun or crazy straws, create healthy drinks like caffeine free flavored teas, or vegetable-infused smoothies. Also, serve hydrating foods like low-sodium soups, vegetables and fruits.

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