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Our Teen Daughters Need Female Pediatricians - Here's Why

Adolescence is a challenging, turbulent and sensitive time for girls. For those of you who have teenage daughters…take a moment to think back, and imagine your teenage self…at 14 or 15 years old…imagine a body that is changing and suddenly unpredictable…from menstrual cramps to skin and hair changes to sexual health…

Now, can you imagine your teenage-self being comfortable discussing these changes and concerns with a male pediatrician? No? Well you aren’t alone. It isn’t natural for a teenage girl to feel comfortable discussing these issues with a male.

At Peds at the Meadows, we work as a collaborative team. We want you to feel comfortable seeing the pediatrician who is best suited for your particular need…

When it comes to general sick visits (sore throat, sprained ankle, etc.), it is appropriate for your daughters to see a male pediatrician. Please know, however, that we believe that it is never in their best interest, for an adolescent female to be examined by a male provider, without someone else in the room. If a parent doesn’t accompany a patient to their appointment, we will ask a nurse to stay in the room for the examination.

Best practice for annual wellness visits, however, requires a more thorough physical examination and personal discussion with our patients. We believe, very strongly, that once they reach adolescence, your daughters stand to gain far more from seeing one of our incredibly talented female providers for their annual wellness visits. Not only will they receive a far more thorough examination, they will find these doctors far more relatable and will have more of an opportunity to discuss their personal concerns. If you want to discuss your visit with your male pediatrician afterwards, we would be happy to accommodate these discussions.

We have a team of incredible female providers, who play a vital role in the wellness of our adolescent daughters.

We hope that our daughters will feel empowered by this approach to their wellness, and that it will further our mission of laying the best possible foundation for a healthy life.

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