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Speaking with Daughters about Puberty

We wanted to give some pointers about preparing our girls as they approach puberty and adolescence.

Firstly, it is critical for us to always be honest with our children. While we can work to ensure that information is age-appropriate, when we endeavor to answer their questions openly and honestly, we provide reassurance and establish a relationship of trust.

Secondly, it is really important that we, as parents, are the FIRST ones to speak to our children about puberty, so that WE can control the flow of information to them. Our goal is to support and empower them with accurate information that normalizes their upcoming changes. Broaching these topics early, when our children display a natural curiosity, invites the opportunity to have the discussion in a comfortable way, without any shame or embarrassment. So, don’t wait for them to learn from their peers or their school.

One of our very favorite resources is the book, “The Care and Keeping of You.” This book presents accurate information in an age-appropriate way, and, when used as a springboard for discussion, can help moms guide and inform their daughters. We also love this book because it teaches girls about self-care, hygiene and general health. If you haven’t purchased this book, we highly recommend giving it a try.

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