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Vision Tests

A question we are often asked relates to vision and eye exams for children – do parents need to take their children to have their vision tested? And if so, when?

Here’s how we approach the subject…

When children come for their annual well visits from age one through age five, we perform a very sophisticated and accurate vision screening in the office that is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This screening catches the VAST majority of any problems, and is performed as standard, routine care.

In the event that a child’s routine screening finds something amiss, we will refer them to the appropriate specialist for follow up.

This screening is ONLY used up until age five. So, for children who are not experiencing any vision or learning problems, we recommend getting a baseline for care, somewhere between ages six and 10, with a pediatric ophthalmologist.

If a child is having trouble seeing the board, reading, or seems to be having problems learning, then it is important that they see a pediatric ophthalmologist sooner, rather than later.

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